DELIX brings to you Pure Internet Bandwidth for world-class connectivity and after-sales services through its primary uplink from Tata Communications Ltd. (TCL). The vast presence of DELIX virtually ensures technical feasibility to deliver it to your network, wherever it maybe.

DELIX also offers ISPs with affordable yet high-quality Optimised Internet Bandwidth by creating smart traffic routes for your uplinks through its Bilateral Peering Content access of CDNs thereby helping you achieve immense savings on your uplink costs.

And finally, DELIX promises TRULY UNLIMITED Ultra Hi-speed Broadband Internet Access to millions of end-users across its entire area of operations with Browsing and Downloading speeds reaching 100 Mbps!

Of course, DELIX is keenly interested in working with you if you have your own last-mile network and operations in place. Do get in touch with us quickly.



  • Multi-state OFC
  • Peering Cloud


  • Multi-state OFC arrangements
  • to ISPs
  • Peering Cloud
  • Multiple Data Centre Presence


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  • Neighborhood Shopping
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  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, PIN – 400
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